SARTE Optima Electric Foot Mat Rubber Floor Mat Accessories Anti Skid Compatible with Hero Optima Electric Scooter/scooty, Multicolour

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Price: ₹399.00
(as of Sep 25,2023 09:30:23 UTC – Details)

SARTE The material used not only gives longer life to the product but also gives a rich finish to it. With the purpose of retaining the characteristic shine of PVC, the colors are not painted after the manufacturing but mixed into the PVC while it is a molten state. Vehicle Compatibility: Hero Optima Electric Scooter/scooty Made from highest quality polyvinyl chloride plastic that gives it characteristic strength as well as flexibility The material is softer than conventional mats which renders it a capability to bend without breaking or tearing while retaining its shape The ignition temperature of this floor mat is very high which enables it to maintain its at higher temperatures during summer while other materials become brittle and start withering Made in india. Features & Benefits: * Anti-skid Backing * Exciting Design * Fitment Type: Hero Optima Electric Scooter/scooty * Easy to Clean & Wash * All Weather Scooty Floor Mat
The Material is Softer Than Conventional Mats Which Renders it a Capability to Bend Without Breaking or Tearing While Retaining its Shape.
Made From Highest Quality Polyvinyl Chloride Plastic That Gives It Characteristic Strength as Well as Flexibility.
The Ignition Temperature of This Floor Mat is Very High Which Enables it to Maintain its at Higher Temperatures During Summer While Other Materials Become Brittle and Start Withering.
Made in India.

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