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Hello guys, I am continuing my blog series on Goa tourism. The Goa is famous for its scenic and beautiful beaches but there is another side of Goa which is beyond just beaches.

Today I am going to share these some beautiful places in Goa. I have written some blogs on Goa tourism which you have already appreciated. Goa trip under 5000, North Goa sightseeing, South Goa sightseeing.

1. Mangrove Broadwalk Panjim

Mangroves broadwalk

The beautiful Mangrove Boardwalk in Panjim is the first of its kind in Goa and the second in the country. The Andaman Islands are said to have been the first to create such a wonder.

Goa’s Mangrove Boardwalk is spread over 1100 sq meters and is located just behind the new Central Library at Patto. It stands over the Ourem Creek and is said to house 14 different mangrove species. The idea behind creating it was to ensure that people become aware of just how important mangroves are to the environment. Mangroves also form their own ecosystems which can go on for miles. This boardwalk is actually in its first phase but there are plans to extend it even further where it will possibly touch the old Patto bridge.

2. Sarzora Lake

Sarzora Lake

Goa is invariably considered as the best-known tourist destination in India. Well known for its beautiful coasts and dark nightlife, Goa has a number of other sights around the globe, including Goan Beaches with a lot of crowds, nightclubs, restaurants and casinos, massage rooms, and water sports. Goan also offers numerous tourist spots.

But do you understand that Goa has much more to give its tourists beyond this stuff? Goa has many such areas that are ignored by both tourists and locals, but this does not imply that these locations are not worth touring, but somehow they have not been correctly sold or mentioned in the press, which may lead in your interest is captured. Here I’ve collected the roster of 11 such overlooked locations in Goa that will surely amuse you and you’ll want to attend it again and again.

3. Museum of Goa in Pilerne


Located in the Pilerne Industrial Estate in North Goa, it is an unlikely place for an art museum; in the center of the dirty, steeply gray industrial area. But the time you step into the museum premises, you’re taken into a different world, one of the landscaped gardens and eclectic artwork.

Museum Address – Plot No. 79, Pilerne Industrial Estate, Pilerne, Bardez – 403511

4. Heart-shaped lagoon in Chicolna

Heart shaped lagoon
The Heart shaped lagoon

The Blue Lagoon, as the locals lovingly call it, is a well-guarded hidden shelter in Santarem that only a few people are conscious of and yet is one of the most picturesque locations in GoaBlue Lagoon, Santarem, although a hard finding lets you exhale your sadness the time you start to discover it! A fork on the path allows you to choose between a cliff-view stage, also popularly recognized as a suicide point, and a rock-side region whose scenery will simply carry back your breath. With the seas lashing on one hand and a sublime heart-shaped lake bleeding as black as the blazing night heavens, the lake is the ideal location to lay down, unwind and look at the approaching sun in all its majesty.

5. Reis Magos Fort in Panjim

Reis mogas

One of Goa’s oldest forts, Reis Magos Fort offers from all sides a brilliant panoramic view. This place’s photogenic atmosphere gets even better with a beautiful church being built along with it.

This fort of the 16th century is visited periodically by a large mass of explorers. This fort was restored as a cultural and heritage center in Goa by the authorities.

6. Salaulim Dam & Garden

Salauim Dam

The Salaulim Dam is located in South Goa’s Sanguem Taluka, about 26 km from the town of Margao. The Salaulim Dam resides on the Salaulim River, nestled among the beautiful blue mountains on the western ghats. The dam is accessible every day from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. throughout the year. The dam has been beautified by Goa’s tourism department rendering it a famous picnic place.

Goa’s biggest manmade water storage reservoir, the Selaulim Dam, is a 42.7 meter (140 ft) high concrete earth-cum-masonry reservoir with a water distributed region of 24 km2 in the town of Sanguem in South Goa. The river enters a catchment area of 227 km2. At the start of the monsoon summer, the water begins to flood.

7. Valpoi Town


Valpoi is a village in the Sattari taluka with rocky hills and a thick forest. It receives its title from two phrases Val and Poi, from which Val implies river and Poi implies other side.

Valpoi is popular as the Goa Police Training Service (PTS) Center is located here. It was an army base during the Portuguese reign and was converted into a police training school in 1962. There is also the Forest Training School in Valpoi, which is Goa’s only college that meets the requirements of the forest guards and prepares them to protect Goa’s natural resources.

8. Surla Tar Masjid

Surla tar masjid
Surla Tar Masjid

The place is accessible to both Hindu and Muslims, and we’ve been touring it for years. This reservoir’s peaceful surroundings compare sharply with the crowded marine vehicles hanging on the Mandovi River. There was enclosed drainage that used to flow from the tank and drain into the river. There is a distinct button close the tank used by the devotees for ablutions. While two-wheelers can easily cross this small path, in the past, horses worked as a way of passing this path.

9. Parra Goa

Parra Goa

Parra is a village in Bardez taluka, North Goa, India. It is near to Mapusa town and Saligao, Calangute, Assagaon, Anjuna and Vagator towns. Parra includes quite a vast region of the property, but most of it is agricultural land with pockets of residential land.

10. Dudhsagar Waterfall


This attractive waterfall magnetizes tourists from all over the world as it has a breathtaking charm that turns it into one of South Goa’s most visited tourist spots. This waterfall is a treat for the eyes, the literal meaning of “Milk Sea.” It lies in the vicinity of the 60-km-long Panaji city. The waterfall is located within the wildlife sanctuary of Bhagwan Mahavir and is 1,000 feet high. The gushing water that spreads through the tropical forest provides fascinating views. If you’re an adventure enthusiast, you can even walk to the waterfalls and explore the confusing paths leading to it. You can even stay close to the waterfall, at the Karnataka Tourism Development Corporation’s forest guesthouse.

Goa beyond beaches

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