Best Places to visit in Kozhikode (Calicut)

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Hello guys, after the blog series of Goa region now I am going to share information about Kerala. In Goa series I have covered Goa Trip in 5000, North Goa sightseeing and South Goa sightseeing.

Now continuing to Kerala series the first city to be covered is Kozhikode (Calicut).

Kozhikode is a beachfront city in the south Indian territory of Kerala. It was a critical spice trade center and is near Kappad Shoreline, where Portuguese adventurer Vasco da Gama came to 1498. The focal Kozhikode Shoreline, ignored by an old beacon, is a prominent spot for viewing the nightfall. Inland, tree-lined Mananchira Square, with its melodic wellspring, encompasses the monstrous Mananchira Tank, an artificial lake

I am sharing few famous places to visit in Kozhikode.

1.Kozhikode Beach

KozhiKode beach
Kozhikode Beach

The Kozhikode beach is otherwise called the Calicut beach and is located on the Malabar Coast. The beach street was called as ‘Gandhi Road’ after Mahatma Gandhi visited Calicut in 1934. The spot has dependably been noticeable for facilitating open gatherings. It has a lengthy drive from Beypore in the south to Kappad in the north. The shoreline is perfect for seeing the orange dusk in Calicut. Additionally, the market close is a huge shopping spot and draws in a lot of sightseers.

2. Backwaters in Kozhikode

Backwaters of Kozhikode
Backwaters in Kozhikode

Located on the northern part of Kerala’s picturesque state, Kozhikode has always been a famous destination for its backwaters. These backwaters are a unique characteristic of this region and were generously blessed with abundant natural beauty, thick greenery and exotic flora and fauna. Kozhikode’s palm-fringed rivulets, lakes and canals are covered with engaging beauty. The calm of these undisturbed waters is contagious and instills within you a sense of peace and serenity.

3. Thikkoti Light house

Thikotti Litehouse
Thikkoti Lighthouse

The area near Thikkoti Lighthouse is soaked in the natural beauty of lush green coconut & palm plantation with Velliyamkally Rock on one side and scintillating blue sea on the other. It was built over a shipwreck, whose remains can still be seen here. The people love visiting this place for its natural beauty and for migratory birds that keep visiting this place mostly during winter. Thikkoti Lighhouse is definitely one of the most fascinating remain from the ancient Kozhikode as the same was built on the remains of a shipwreck that crashed near the rocky shore of the Payyoli beach.

4. Bypore


Beypore is a cozy coastal town tucked away in the tiny but striking Kozhikode district. Located at the mouth of the vigorous Chaliyar River, this town is covered in vibrant shades of green and surrounded by mystical shades of blue. When this town was named Sultan Pattanam under the reign of Tipu Sultan, who was Mysore’s ruler.

5. Kakkayam


The Kakkayam is a dam site situated in Kerala state Kozhikode encircled by lush greenery. The distance is about 15 km from Kakkayam bus stop. Orakkuzhi ‘ is a waterfall just after the Dam. Various animals, including elephants, can be seen near the place of the dam.

6. Lion’s Park

Lions park
Lion’s Park

Located next to the light house on Kozhikode beach, this children’s amusement park is renowned for its exciting rides and lovely sunset views.

7. Elathur


Surrounded on one hand by a lake and on the other by a river, Elathur is a quaint little village with peaceful environments. The place is also a paradise for seafood enthusiasts as you will be served with some of the finest seafood, freshwater fish and baby to finish the beach-side experience.

8. Mananchira Square

Mananchira Square
Mananchira Square

Fed by a natural shower, Mananchira is a man-made freshwater pond surrounding the amazing Mananchira Square complex. The pond was constructed around the 14th century as a bathing pool by Kozhikode’s feudal ruler, Zamorin Mana Vikrama, while the Mananchira Square was opened in 1994. The Square was previously known as Manachira Maidan and was famous for football. It was also a host of many games.

9. Vallari Mala

Vallari Mala
Vallari Mala

Meandering along the rocky terrain is called Kanjirapuzha, a tributary of River Chaliyar. This water body creates many lovely waterfalls and streams at different points of its trip, which is a pleasure for your eyes.

10. Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary

Kadalundi Bird Santuary

Spread over a group of islands, encircled by lovely hills, lies a planet of bird watchers, the Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary. Located in Kozhikode, the sanctuary welcomes its tourists with Kadalundi River freshwaters. This virgin land is home to 60 migratory birds and more than 100 indigenous birds. Wildlife enthusiasts and bird lovers visit the site to capture even the birds ‘ minute motions in their cameras. The sanctuary is 200 meters above sea level.

11. Tali temple

Tali Temple
Tali Temple

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Tali Temple is one of the region’s oldest temples. It is famous every day for its five distinct religious ceremonies. The New Year of Malayalam is the best time to visit the temple.

12. Art Gallery

art Gallery
Art Gallery

If you’re a fan of Raja Ravi Varma, this museum is undoubtedly your paradise. And if not, you can still enjoy Indian theme paintings using Western-style oil methods on canvas and the life-like form of European art.

13. Pazhassiraja Museum

Pazhassiraja Museum
Pazhassiraja Museum

The Pazhassiraja Museum situated on East Hill was named after the Kottayam Royal Family’s excellent Pazhassiraja Kerala Varma of the Padinjare Kovilakom. The museum is renowned for its numerous archeological remains, such as ancient bronzes, ancient paintings and historical umbrella stones, etc.

14. Krishna Menon Museum

Krishna Menon Museum
Krishna Menon Museum

The Krishna Menon Museum was created in 1975 to honor the famous Indian leader, V. K. Krishna Menon. The museum is situated in East Hill, about 5 km from the town center. It is located next to the Pazhassi Raja Museum, an art gallery that houses Raja Ravi Varma’s oil paintings, among other collections. A part of the museum is devoted to V. K. Krishna Menon, who retains and shows the souvenirs given to him and his private property. The museum’s art section shows exquisite paintings, ivory art items, complex woodcarvings, Kerala mural paintings, and contemporary painting.

15. Sargaalaya Kerala arts and Crafts Village

Sargaalaya Kerala arts and Crafts Village

Located close the lovely Iringal backwaters near Vadakara in Kozhikode district of Kerala, Sargaalaya Kerala Arts and Crafts village is a fantastic initiative by the Department of Tourism, Kerala.

16. Sarovaram Bio Park

Sarovaram Bio Park

The Sarovaram Bio Park is Located in Kottooli near Kozhikode, which is an exciting government-led undertaking to preserve Kerala’s wealthy mangrove forests and wetlands. Abounded in natural beauty and blossoming with greenery and wildlife, the park is a wonderful break from the humdrum of life and allows its guests to soak in the rejuvenating and ethereal environment.

17. Indian Business Museum

Indian Business Museum
Indian Business Museam

HRD Minister Pallam Raju inaugurated in 2013 Indian Business Museum in Kozhikode district of Kerala which is spreading over 23,000 square feet. With the aim of safeguarding and perpetuating India’s wealthy company history, the museum highlights our nation’s company ordeals over the years.

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Best Places to visit in Kozhikode (Calicut)

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