Goa Beyond the Beaches

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Hello guys, I am continuing my blog series on Goa tourism. The Goa is famous for its scenic and beautiful beaches but there is another side of Goa which is beyond just beaches. Today I am going to share these some beautiful places in Goa. I have written some blogs on Goa tourism which you have already appreciated. Goa trip under 5000, North Goa sightseeing, South Goa sightseeing. 1. Mangrove Broadwalk Panjim The beautiful Mangrove […]


Best Places to visit in Kozhikode (Calicut)

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Hello guys, after the blog series of Goa region now I am going to share information about Kerala. In Goa series I have covered Goa Trip in 5000, North Goa sightseeing and South Goa sightseeing. Now continuing to Kerala series the first city to be covered is Kozhikode (Calicut). Kozhikode is a beachfront city in the south Indian territory of Kerala. It was a critical spice trade center and is near Kappad Shoreline, where Portuguese […]


South Goa sightseeing

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Hello guys today I am going to share the best places to visit in South Goa district. As we all know Goa is best place to visit in any season of year it gives a soothing feeling and rejuvenate the life. As Goa is my favourite place to chill out this is my third blog on Goa after Goa trip under 5000 and Sightseeing in North Goa . So lets see some great places to […]


Muscat City (Oman) sightseeing

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Today I will share some interesting stuff about Muscat City, which is Oman’s capital. Muscat is in northeastern Oman. The Cancer Tropic is passing south of the area. It is bordered by the Al Batinah region’s plains to its west and the Ash Sharqiyah region to its east. The interior plains of the southern border of the Ad Dakhiliyah region of Muscat, while the northern and western periphery of the city is the Gulf of […]


North Goa Sightseeing

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North Goa Sightseeing All you need to know about Goa North Hello friends after my first budget goa trip blog now trying to go in detail about North Goa where I visited my last time. The North Goa is the most popular spot in Goa where you’ll find beaches, booze, beautiful churches. If you’re an enthusiastic person, North Goa will never miss you. So let’s check out the different places you can visit and enjoy […]