Review of Dombivli Return movie

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Sandeep Kulkarni did a wonderful job and shines like Anant again. His performing abilities are seen in every scene, and it’s this amazing performance that keeps you ingrained. Rejeshwari as Ujwala and simpleton housewife adds the perfect flavour.

However, while the acting and the twists in the plot keep you engaged in the first half of the film, the second half loses its pace and gets a bit confusing at many levels. Some masala elements like a few songs and an item number serve no purpose to the script and these unwanted scenes and incidents seem like forceful additions. At this point, even the performances don’t increase intrigue. For example, a steamy romantic scene between Anant and one of the characters from the film, Mrs Dixit, seems out of place in the storyline completely. Though the climax has an interesting twist, to get to it, the story in the second half loses the crescendo created in the first half.

The film, directed by Mahendra Teredesai, keeps its thrill to a point in the second half only to lose its track. Dombivli Fast, the first installment in the series, lived up to its title and used Dombivli as a character in the story, but the second installment, Dombivli Return, uses it merely as a connection and appears forced to retain the name of the second installment.

To sum up, there are some pros in the movie-performances, and some unexpected twists and turns, and some exciting moments. But the disadvantages can not go unnoticed as well. Unwanted scenes and songs, second half losing the pace, the screenplay shows some impractical elements and loopholes.